Contemporary Kitchen Design – Open Floor Kitchen Plan

In general, the contemporary kitchen design nowadays is influenced mainly by the minimalist interior style. This is because modern lifestyle imposes completely new requirements for furnishing and decorating the rooms, in which people live and work. People today lead a very busy and intense life, which means that the environment, in which they live, must be organized so that it can facilitate daily activities and at the same time, create enough comfort. The space in the home is already viewed as one whole unit, while the small-enclosed rooms are left in the past.

It turns out that an open floor kitchen plan can also be a very cosy room, of course, if it is properly designed and decorated. The key elements in the organization of such home premises are several. It comes to a kitchen that is open to the dining area.

A relaxation / reading area, or a living room zone follows these areas. This is the main draw, but the exact location of these individual areas, as well as their furnishings and decorations are a matter of personal preference. However, if you insist to keep up with the latest trends in furniture, pay attention of such furnishings, which is characterized by clean lines and pastel colours. The geometry in furnishing is also a trend. Again, talking about the influence of minimalism, in which the geometric shapes in designs are a typical feature.

In terms of colours, the contemporary kitchen design offers a variety of solutions, but generally it suggests avoiding bright and gaudy colours. Preferences are directed towards earth tones; designers often rely solely on monochrome interiors. There is another aspect, however. If you like to decorate such open plan home spaces, it is not necessarily all areas to be in the same colours.

It could even make your interior look boring.Usually different zones are separated visually by using different colours.The best effect is achieved when the colours smoothly blend into one another.Use also some bright accents to highlight specific architectural features of the room or simply to attract visual interest to specified interior details.

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